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Trancers: City of Lost Angels (1988)

Sinopsis - Información:

Te contamos un poco de que va Trancers: City of Lost Angels... Jack Deth the super cop from the future, has put away three centuries worth of time traveling criminals. But Deth's most dangerous collar, the ultraviolent assassin Edlin Shock, has escaped from her maximum security holding cell and won't rest until she's exacted revenge. Meanwhile, Deth is trying to make a life for himself as a private eye in 1988 Los Angeles with his hot-blooded girlfriend Lena. Relationship troubles are just the beginning of Deth's problems when he learns that Edlin Shock has followed him back in time.. Para poder ver Trancers: City of Lost Angels online completa puedes usar servicios como Netflix, Amazon Video, HBO, usar programas como emule o torrent o verla en cines. La fecha de estreno de Trancers: City of Lost Angels online fue el 1988-08-11 y su duración aproximada es de 24 minutos.


Danny Bilson y Paul De Meo


Charles Band

Actores principales:

Helen Hunt , Grace Zabriskie y Telma Hopkins