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Innocent Blood (2013)

Sinopsis - Información:

Te contamos un poco de que va Innocent Blood... Sun W. Kim and D.J. Holloway, behind several award winning short films, makes their feature film debut with Innocent Blood. The suspense thriller tells the story of James Park, a retired detective turned college professor, who is forced to face his dark past in order to find his son Cody’s kidnapper. James Park, played by Jun-Seong Kim (Late Autumn, West 32nd), a well decorated, officer is exposed for who he really is by his son’s mysterious kidnapper. With a handful of past enemies, simultaneous murders, a wife who’s losing faith in him, and two detectives in hot pursuit, James must move fast to bring his son home safely.. Para poder ver Innocent Blood online completa puedes usar servicios como Netflix, Amazon Video, HBO, usar programas como emule o torrent o verla en cines. La fecha de estreno de Innocent Blood online fue el 2013-11-09 y su duración aproximada es de 100 minutos.


D.J. Holloway y Sun W. Kim

Actores principales:

Doug Jones , C.S. Lee y Lance Lim