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Charlie Chaplin: The Forgotten Years (2003)

Sinopsis - Información:

Te contamos un poco de que va Charlie Chaplin: The Forgotten Years... While silent-film star Charlie Chaplin may have charmed American audiences with the onscreen antics of his lovable "Tramp" character, the actor's private life was marred by a series of public scandals that eventually pushed him into exile. In addition to his penchant for much younger women, Chaplin was unjustly hounded by Senator Joe McCarthy's notorious anti-Communist witch hunts, for which the U.S. revoked his visa in 1952. A bitter and disenchanted Chaplin responded by moving his family to Switzerland, where he remained until his death in 1977. This documentary chronicles Chaplin's life and career during those so-called "forgotten years" (during which he became a prolific and highly respected film-score composer) through previously unreleased archival footage and intimate interviews with his friends and family, including his children Geraldine, Michael, and Eugene.. Para poder ver Charlie Chaplin: The Forgotten Years online completa puedes usar servicios como Netflix, Amazon Video, HBO, usar programas como emule o torrent o verla en cines. La fecha de estreno de Charlie Chaplin: The Forgotten Years online fue el 2003-05-18 y su duración aproximada es de 55 minutos.


Beat Hirt y Felice Zenoni


Beat Hirt y Felice Zenoni

Actores principales:

Geraldine Chaplin , Sophia Loren y Michael Chaplin